Friday, February 4, 2011



a)     Answer the following questions briefly:
1.     Describe Promodini in your own words.                                                           2
2.     What do you think were the poets feeling while writing the poem “I stood tip-toe upon a hill”?                                                                                                 2
b)     Give two meanings for the given word and use the given word to make a  
sentence of your own:                                                                                            3
1.     Profuse
2.     Nonchalantly
3.     Compatible
c)     Answer the following with reference to context:                                                3
1.     ‘Our daughter has not laughed like this for years!’
·       Who said this and to whom?
·       What situation triggered this response?
·       What happened immediately after this statement?
2.     ‘Now this is very strange!’ Mrs. Bhandari cried out in protest. ‘How rude he is!’
·       Who is this statement about?
·       Why did the speaker feel like this?
·       What happened immediately after this statement?
d)     Which words in the poem are described for the following:                               2
1.     Shady and leafy like shelter
2.     A bunch of flowers
3.     Clean air
4.     Lively flow of water
e)     Describe the below given picture in 10 lines or write a Rhyme of 8 to 10 lines   
      expressing this picture.                                                                                          3

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